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Table Of Contents

1. Personal Growth And Exploration
2. Healing Ourselves
3. Natural Foods
4. Spiritual Gardening
5. Living the Good Life
6. A Potpourri of CyberSpace Support
7. Reader Suggested Sites
8. Adding Your Link To Our Page

Each of the following links will open in a new browser window. Close the new browser window to return to Celestial Perspectives. Links last updated August 19, 2005.

Personal Growth and Exploration

On a sultry summer night in 1994, Linda Ewing's dream and vision called silent messages from the source came in to being, with the avowed mission "To enhance and elevate the level of consciousness of Self, Community and World." In the summer of 1996, the journal 'silent messages' was born. Now reaching 15,000 readers throughout the TriState area (OH, IN and KY) as well as in other states, 'silent messages' has established itself as a resource for not only thought-provoking articles, but also as a venue for local, inspiring events, as well as encouraging people to pursue their dreams. The web site you are now visiting is testimony to that: Celestial Perspective first appeared as a column in this journal. If you visit, please know that 'silent messages' is currently in hiatus, but still valuable as a source.

Most people think that the west and east coasts are the treasure troves of alternative ways of thinking and being. Guess, again gang! I personally consider the Ohio Valley to be one of the country's best kept secrets along these lines, a consideration validated by the Body Mind Spirit Directory created by Nancy Motz. This directory is available at no cost online; hard copies are available for a minimal tarriff. Hundreds of practitioners, products and services are listed. To check it out, or find out how you can be listed (and for some reason I suspect she might not have a problem if you are not in the immediate territory), visit:

I have been involved in one way or another with metaphysical thinking and exploration for more than 30 years now. I have learned from many teachers and consequently have been blessed by many students. Looking back on my life in this way, when I am asked who taught me the most, my unwavering answer is Walter and Lao Russell. In the 70's I was honored to correspond with Lao (Walter had long since left this Plane). I highly recommend the University of Science and Philosophy to those who are willing to spend years of study in unravelling the ever expanding mysteries of the Universe. And please do be patient with the "old fashioned" language contained within much of the archived material. Be prepared to be enthralled by the new information originating from this marvelous and little known source.

Dr. Martin Luthke and Linda Stein-Luthke are dear friends of mine. Martin is perhaps the most avid seeker of The Light I have ever met. He holds a Ph.D. in Clincal Psychology. To my way of thinking, Linda holds a Ph.D. too, but hers was granted by a Higher Authority! Their website, u-r-light, contains information about alternative psychotherapy, spiritual development, body scanning, nutritional advice and astrological services, as well as publications from Expansion Publishing regarding Earth Changes, Psychoenergetic Healing and other Beings of Light, just to mention a few of the life arenas they explore deeply with utmost compassion and understanding.

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Healing Ourselves

Despite the fact that alternative interventions in conjunction with traditional medicine have become all the mainstream rage in the last decade, most of us are still looking for someone or some thing to heal what ever ails us. I feel that the next step in mass consciousness (aka critical mass) must involve the realization that when all is said and done, if we feel a need to be healed then ultimately the responsibility is ours, "with a little help from our friends." Toward this end, I am always on the lookout for people, products and services that support self-healing. The following is but a smattering of what I have found and I encourage everyone to add their own links as long as these sites are in accord with this orientation. On this Earth, there is not one system that is a universal panacea. Rather, we need to explore what is available and implement what feels right to and works for us as individuals.

When traditional medicines do not work, most of us turn to herbs. In addition to the 50 or so books I have about herbal use, I have found http://www.herb.com to be (quoted from the source) the "most comprehensive site on the web for those seekinginformation on herbs, herb products and publications."

Reiki is a marvelous tool for the integration of our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual centers. To learn everything you ever wanted to know about Reiki and how it might work for you, visit http://www.reiki.org.

These days, we are all bombarded with noise. I wonder how many of us have ever thought about how deeply sounds of all kinds affect our sense of well-being, as well as considering the use of sound to promote personal growth and healing. We are fortunate in our area to have Sharry Edwards, a pioneer in this field whose work has captured national attention, from individuals to well known sports teams to none other than NASA. For information about this fascinating system as well as classes and workshops, visit http://www.sharryedwards.com.

Even more locally, Ed Kluska, with whom I and two others cofounded New World Food and Bookshop on Ludlow Avenue in Clifton, is also a distributor of BodyWise which he feels is an optimal system of advanced nutrition for health and wellness. Over the years, I have learned that Ed knows what he is talking about so when he gets behind something I pay attention. Conatact through his website: http://www.newworldbookshop.com

Fascinated by or curious about dowsing? Then check this out: http://www.dowsing.com.

As a society, as we try to make sense of the rapid changes that are happening around us, we often chaulk up different or aberrant behavior to a catch-all called Mental Illness. However, those of us who find ourselves having to deal with this condition on an intimate level (with friends, family members, and even ourselves) can find support that delves way deeper than popular psychology by contacting the Ohio branch of the National Association of Mental Illness: NAMI Ohio. Another good resource is: Ohio Psychological Association.

In closing (for now), all of us have one thing in common despite our vast diversity. That commonality is death, which visits us throughout our lives in many forms. If you or anyone you know is coping with a profound loss of any nature, the web site to visit that will provide comfort, support and healing is: http://www.griefnet.org.

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Natural Foods

I have eaten a primarily vegetarian diet for 30-some years, and have been an advocate of eating lower on the food chain for as long. I have learned over time that choice of food and lifestyle is distinctly individual. As such, with few exceptions, I have come to accept whatever choices anyone makes along these lines, even when I don't understand or the choices are counter to mine. Who am I to judge how others govern and orchestrate their lives in this arena? So, on this section of the CP Links page, all I am doing is sharing the sites that have informed and inspired me, with the intention that in checking these places out you might also find something that hums to you.

Four comprehensive sites for vegetarian networking:

The International Vegetarian Union

The Vegetarian Resource Group

Jewish Vegetarian Society

Vegetarian Pages

Reducing the fat content in our food choices has become all the rage in recent years, particularly as a result of the pioneering work of Dr. Dean Ornish and others. Interested in exploring this orientation?


These sites complement my two favorite PBS vegetarian cooking programs. Be prepared for healthy, gustatory delight!


Though largely misunderstood when first introduced in the United States and still to some extent even today, to me the principles of Macrobiotics are central to understanding how to attain physical health and well being. I have found this to be true, after so many years, no matter what anyone eats which is what the founder George Ohsawa promised. Getting to this place of realization requires education and years of experience. I practiced Macrobiotics devoutly for seven years. After that time, I broadened my diet considerably. Still, I must share that whenever I have found myself to be totally out of balance (i.e./have found myself in literal life or death situations) I have returned to this system. Exploring this field, I have been blessed to have been taught by three teachers (in person and from a distance): Meir Michel Abehsera, Herman Aihara, and Michio Kushi, all of whom are accessible on the web. Herman and Michio still adhere to Ohsawa's original dream in their own style; Meir has integrated this dream with his ancestral background of mystical Judaism.

Macrobiotics Online

Vega Study Center

I don't know about anyone else, but I love sprouts, in stir-fry or in salads or even in bread (try sprouted wheat bread sometime: delish). Though traditionally a food to be eaten in the spring, I enjoy sprouts year round. For everything you ever wanted to know about sprouts, and more, check out:

The Sprout People's Organic Sprout Wonderland

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Spiritual Gardening

For all of my life gardening has been a way of not only nurturing my body, but also my soul. Over the years I have found that interacting with Nature in this manner to be a profoundly healing form of active meditation. If this concept is new to you but you are interested, the following websites are a good place to start. They describe the systems and sources that have formed my orientation toward working with the earth, and have inspired me to continue my pursuit of "living the good life." I look forward to seeing site favorites from those of you who share this life enhancing passion.


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Living the Good Life

The title of this section is in honor of Helen and Scott Nearing who in the early thirties moved "back to the land", with a mission of being totally self sustaining. The book they wrote, "Living the Good Life" is now a modern day classic and was perhaps the singular inspiration for thousands of us who experimented with living more in tune with the natural rhythms of Earth in the late sixties and early seventies. The following links are but a sampling of the many resources available to us today for implementing aspects of such an eco-spiritual life, whether we live in the city, country or hinterlands. More to come...and please feel free to add your own so that we can have a full representation of the alternative options available to us today.

Two great magazines: "Mother" is the quinessential bible for back-to-the-landers and alternative lifestyle afficiandos:
Mother Earth News
Natural Home Magazine

Alternative power and utility sources:
Heating with Wood
Power Backup
Solar Power
Composting Toilets

Alternative Architecture and Furninshings:
Dome Houses
Yet more Dome Houses
Log Homes
Earth Friendly Furnishings

Great Sources for Tools
Harbor Freight
Chain Saws

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A Potpourri of CyberSpace Support

Everyone searches the web these days, from the mundane to the significant, for many purposes: personal, professional, profane or profound. But which "search engine" to use? My favorite is the as yet little known Dogpile, for perhaps two reasons: first; it accesses 11 good engines; second, and this always makes me laugh, instead of clicking "search", you click "fetch". To me there is some sort of Divine irony going on in doing that...

Looking for an out of print book? If it is available anywhere on the planet, you will find it at:

Worried about whether the email you received is an "urban myth" or "cyber hoax"? To find out, visit the following site. And don't feel bad, even people with multiple PhD.'s have been fooled by these silly and sometimes panic-inducing threads.

Celestial Spirit Designs - 8 Gallery Exhibits of Rare & Collectible Jewelry, Arts & Crafts from Cultures Around the World, including: New & Vintage (Old Pawn) Native American, Handcrafted Artisan Jewelry, Dichroic Glass Art Exotic Beads, Opals & Crystals.

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Reader Suggested Sites

Things irish (tales,music,links,etc)along with some poems and cures for Writer's Block. Still under construction but functional to a degree.

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Adding Your Link To Our Page

If you operate a web site or have a favorite site that might be of interest to the readers here at Celestial Perspective, we would like to hear from you. E-mail the URL of the site to Admin@celestialperspectives.com. Be sure to include a description of the site. We will review the site and if it fits our format, we will add it to our Links page on our next update.

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