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Posted by Kristina On Nov 9, 1999 At 00:07
Subject: "Not For Ourselves Alone"
Did anyone else happen to catch the PBS special that ran last night andtonight? Subtitled "The Story of Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B.Anthony," this program delved into the history of the women's suffragemovement in an historically unprecedented way. Beyond the reportage andproduction (by two men of all surprising things!), and the sensitivecommentary by female biographers of these two astonishing woment, I wasswept away almost spiritually in the sense that I, as a 16 year old, electedto go to an all women's college in the very local where profound history wasand continues to be made. Sorry for the run-on sentence, gang, but I wasREALLY moved by this documentary. I taped the show because I know I willwant to watch it again and again. For any of you who missed it, I imagineyou can go to http://www.pbs.org and get the skinny about it. On a personal level, I related to ECS quite deeply--she had a hugefamily (as do I) and pretty much had followed the ropes as far as "fittingin to society" goes. Still, she did not fear stating what was on her mindand speaking out about the gross inequities between men and women in herday, not to mention her egalitarian views on religion and spirituality.Matter of fact, towards the end of her life, she wrote a "Women's Bible"which introduced the idea of an androgynous God. In contrast, her colleagueSusan never married and was in a very yang way devoted to suffrage. Remindedme of several of my dearest female friends, the ones who keep me honest! I highly recommend this film to everyone.Kristina

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Posted by Lou On Nov 9, 1999 At 18:39
Subject: TV program
Kristina,I made a mental note to watch that show and then missed it!Lou

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Posted by bardic On Nov 9, 1999 At 21:51
Subject: millenium celebration
Already know what I will be doing..staying at work

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Posted by Kristina On Nov 10, 1999 At 23:44
Subject: Millenium Celebrations
My dream is to spend that crazy week out on my land but alas I don't know whether that will happen. Otherwise, I will be staying here at my city homestead as usual. I have never been one to get into the secular NYE thing, though I do honor the fact that it seems important to many people.

Bardic, oh my goodness. You will be working? Please do share tales about what goes on at the "kennel" that night!

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Posted by Kristina On Nov 10, 1999 At 23:56
Subject: Mercury "wreck"rogade
Well gang, this thrice yearly phenom is again once upon us. Mercury, as we view it from Earth, stationed on Nov. 4 and will appear to be moving backwards in its movement until Nov. 25. Phenom is known astronomically as Merury Retrograde, which has even captured the attention of talk show hosts. To be brief, this is a time when Murphy's law kicks into place bigtime. The Hollywood and NY folks, as well as Astrology buffs in general, freak out at this occurance but I am more relaxed about it since it is a time for re- kind of stuff: relaxation, revision, review, reflection...that sort of behavior. To me, this Merc "Wreck" period seems timely given the emotional climate these days with the year 2000 approaching. Seems to me that all of us need to take a deep breath and rethink our life directions, to say nothing about our responses to group hysteria. Whoosh! More "re" words...could go on and on here, obviously. As far as CP goes, this forum, I continue to be in the process of revamping it, reconsidering it's purpose. Refining and redesigning. OK, I will stop for now, but y'all get the drift!

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Posted by Judy On Nov 15, 1999 At 17:46
Subject: Angel Readings
I am not adverstising only answering the question what are Angel readings? I work with the Angel's in all levels of my life. An Angel reading is one which is given by Angels to the person doing the reading. The Angel's of the persong getting the reading tell the Angel's of the reader the informantion the person is needing to know at the time. And the person doing the reading relays it to the person getting a read. They also tell their names and how long they have been with the person (as Angel's come and go in our daily life.) Hope this helps some.

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Posted by bardi On Nov 16, 1999 At 20:08
Subject: kennel
I am being kept on 24 hour call (along with my normal tour of duty)in case we have Y2K problems..such fun,eh?

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Posted by bardic On Nov 17, 1999 At 07:35
Subject: meanwhile
while waiting for Y2K life goes on. Phantastes ezine has invited me to submit an essay on the changing relationship of storyteller and audience as a tale devolves from Myth to Folklore to Fantasy. Anyone with anything at ALL that would help please let me know:)

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Posted by Cher On Nov 17, 1999 At 17:57
Subject: Anthony and Cady
I didn't see the program, but I know their stories verywell as they are both cousins to me. I got a laugh when Ifound that out because I am such the opposite of what theywere. I grew up where Susan taught school, the school isthere, but there is not even a mention of this on anyhistorical sign. Geneology is what got me interested inreading the biographies. Actually I thought it all very sadall they put into it, 50 years and hardly any progress.

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Posted by Kristina On Nov 18, 1999 At 19:13
Subject: Mysterious Celestial Phenomenon
Did anyone else see this spectacle that traversed the sky shortly after 7 on Tuesday night? Mike and I did. It was amazing. We were about 12 miles west of Jackson. I was dozing off and suddenly Mike stopped the car in the middle of the road--"What the hell is that thing?" I jerked awake to see a huge diamond shaped thing that had a long tale, which disintegrated into 4 pieces after 20 or so seconds.Still, it did not fall to the Earth but stayed at it's level of flight until it disappeared.

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Posted by Kristina On Nov 18, 1999 At 19:17
Subject: Celestial Phenom/II
While watching, I was also yelling at Mike to either pull over or keep driving! After all, we were on a highway where the speed limit was 65. And there he was, transfixed. Of course we talked about this the rest of the way home. I figured it was a hokey holographic trick of some sorts. Well, the news that night informed us that we were not alone...people from southern KY all the way up to MI and WI had seen it too. After much speculation, the specialists are still inclusive about what this was. Not a meteor, not man-made. For lack of more descriptive terminology, they are calling it a fireball.

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Posted by Kristina On Nov 18, 1999 At 19:22
Subject: Celestial Phenom/III
Fireball? I don't think so. I have seen those before. This was different. It appeared to be about a mile away from the road, travelling on a straight path about 250 feet above the horizon. It was mainly green with an edge of red and an aura of blue. These colors were all very bright. When the tail fragmented, the pieces continued in the same trajectory. Pretty amazing. I called the Cincinnati Museum today and talked to the head of research there. He searched the web and could not find a site that was collecting siting reports. He also told me that the Museum was not doing so either but did promise to call me back if he found any org that was.

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Posted by Kristina On Nov 21, 1999 At 13:23
Subject: Apocalypse program
Mark your calendars to check this one out on PBS CH48 tomorrow night from 9-11PM. Will explore how the Book of Revelations has influenced Western thought regarding apocalypse.

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Posted by Cher On Nov 21, 1999 At 18:20
Subject: Wayne Dyer
Just saw him for the first time on PBS,has anyone readhis books that he was discussing "How to get what youREally Want" and the one about Wisdom? Hard to pick uptoo much in the show, but guess it made me want to buya book. How does this philosophy go along with Leo B.or are we talking two different things?

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Posted by Kristina On Nov 21, 1999 At 23:25
Subject: Re: Wayne Dyer
Cher, Wayne is a really good man. Comparison to Leo B.? In a way, but then I ultimately don't know that comparing one human to another is advisable. The books you mentioned are good ones. I wrote a review of "Wisdom" which I will try to dig up and post on the book review page one of these days.

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Posted by Kristina On Nov 23, 1999 At 13:02
Subject: Celestial Phenom Followup
My brother Jon mailed this today:

" (we at the X Files still believe that it was a UFO and that this is a complete cover up...who ever heard of a fireball before?) Scripps Howard reported that "Fireball Upstages Leonid Show" "A large, colorful fireball that carved a path across the sky above the Midwest and Great Lakes about 7 PM EXT Tuesday startled many people and sent a flurry of emergency calls to police and fire departments...the track and behavior of this object was all wrong for the Leonids...they were supposed to be coming in east to west, and at a high anle and a high rate of speed. This guy was moving west to east, basically skimming the atomosphere" Sounds like a close encounter to me. -Jon

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Posted by Kristina On Nov 24, 1999 At 00:13
Subject: Yet another Prayer request
Our resident leprecahun (bardic) is having a tough time these days. With his permission I am posting the following:"My mother goes in for another cancer operation tomorrow..I also found outtoday that,depending on the results, she may have to go in for a hipreplacement, Also,Da is going in for removal of a precancer tumour on the13th. Prayers to any and all deities would be appreciated."

Along these lines, Larry and I spoke this evening about setting up a Celestial Perspective Santuary. Stay tuned, and take it easy, everyone: these are tough times.

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Posted by Cher On Nov 24, 1999 At 10:11
Subject: Celestial?
I do not believe it was a fireball either. I am checkinginto this on our trip this weekend with some specialistsin this field since we won't be home. HOme is a bad place. My husband's brother died of cancerlast Saturday, only in his 50's. My mother in law had acomplete hip replacement last spring and still cannotwalk, this was a person in complete health before unlikeme who had spent several years on crutches before theoperation. I will be visiting a friend in St. Louis whoneeds a new kidney. so a pretty sad time around here.

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Posted by Kristina On Nov 25, 1999 At 22:06
Subject: Thanksgiving
On this day of giving thanks, I wish to express my grattitude to all of you who visit CP. What a special place we have created here. Speaking of such things, Larry and I are in the midst of creating a Celestial Perspective Sanctuary which will be a cyber temple of sorts--a place to request prayers, to offer support, stuff like that.

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Posted by Kristina On Dec 3, 1999 At 14:22
Subject: A joyous Hannukah to all
May the lights of this season warm you now and throughout the coming year.

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Posted by Kristina On Dec 13, 1999 At 13:21
Subject: The Jesus Video Project
Several days ago I received a video tape in the mail tiled "Jesus". I had not ordered it. When I opened the package I became aware that this project is being supported by dozens, perhaps hundreds, of churches in our area. I saw that respected magazines and personages had given two thunmbs up for the production. I have not viewed it yet, but I instantly was blown away by the enormous cost this project must have entailed. Also, enclosed in the video is a card one is invited to sign and a number to call about inviting Jesus (after praying following watching the tape) into one's life. Did anyone else receive this? I have heard that it was circulated to all the homes in Glendale, Evendale and Sharonville, but because it came from California I was wondering if this is a nationwide crusade. As I type I am speaking to the CH12 News Desk...they did a lead story about this phenom on Friday night. I encouraged them to revisit it. I asked him whether people of other faiths were offended by receiving this. He said yes. He said that the org (comprised mostly of mainstream churches) felt that they could get thousands of people back to the churches and back to prayer by this distribution. Fair enough, I suppose...

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Posted by Larry On Dec 14, 1999 At 22:25
Subject: Re: The Jesus Video Project
I received that video as well. Mine did not come in the mail, but was hung on the front door of my home in a bag that not only contained the video, but a bag of microwave popcorn as well.

This is part of a nationwide project that is attempting to get the video into every home in America. According to their web site, www.Jesusvideo.org, over six million of these videos have been distributed to date. If you haven't received the video, you can also view it on their web site if you have the right plug-in and at least a 28.8 modem. The project started in 1992 and their first distribution was in early 1993.

The videos are made available to church organizations, community groups, and private contributors for $5.00 each. According to their web site, one man even paid to have the video mailed to every home in his state.

The opening credits of the movie indicate that it is based entirely on the book of Luke in the New Testament. It covers the life of Jesus from conception, to crucifixion, to assention into heaven.

As a movie, I found it to be rushed and disjointed. To be fair, this might be due in part to the fact that this is a special edition print and it has been edited down to 83 minutes from the original movie and these problems may be the result of that editing. But I still found the acting to be flat and one-dimensional.

As an inspirational work, I felt it fell short there as well. Brian Deacon, who plays the part of Jesus, came off more like a cult leader than the Son of God. (Please keep in mind that I am only referring to the movie and I don't mean to imply in any way, shape, or form that Jesus was a cult leader. So please don't send me any angry replies.)

On the whole, the movie never rose above the level of one of those "The Story of Jesus" books for children. The movie ends with what we referred to as an "altar call" in the church I attended as a child. It is basically an invitation to pray and to accept Jesus Christ as your savior. They even provide a suggested prayer. But, if you will forgive the cliche, I think they are preaching to the choir. If you are already a follower of Christ, you'll probably enjoy the movie. If not, there isn't much here that you probably haven't seen or heard before.

I was raised in what is called a "Holiness" church. That is to say a church that believes in the Trinity of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. While I no longer attend, I still respect these beliefs whether I agree with them or not. So I also respect the good intentions of those responsible for distributing this tape. At least no one came knocking on my door trying to force their views down my throat and I didn't have to get out of the tub to answer the phone. It was simply delivered and left up to me if I wanted to view it or throw it out. So, while it may have offended some who are not of the Christian faith, it was less bothersome than the average telemarketer and their motives were certainly more altruistic. And even if someone who is not of the Christian faith was disturbed by this distribution, perhaps it reminded them to spend a little time reflecting upon their own beliefs whatever they may be. And in the words of Martha Stewart, "That's a good thing."

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Posted by Lou On Dec 15, 1999 At 19:12
Subject: video
Larry,I have not received the video, but your evaluation of it is on the mark. Use it or throw it away or pass it on......whatever you wish. The choice is yours.Lou

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Posted by Lou On Dec 19, 1999 At 18:39
Subject: Kristina's Picture
Kristina,I just saw your picture. It was great to see you even though we have never met.Lou

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Posted by Larry On Dec 21, 1999 At 04:41
Subject: Oooops!!
I have been working to make some changes to this site and I goofed! While updating the Guestbook page, I forgot to download the most recent additions before uploading the changed page. As a result, some of the guestbook entries were inadvertantly deleted.

If your Guestbook entry was one of those deleted, I apologize. It wasn't deliberate and no entries were intentionally deleted.

Please feel free to re-enter your name in the Guestbook if you were one of those that were accidentally lost.

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