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The Celestial Perspectives ArtSpace

We have created this space for the sharing of the tangible art that emerges from our hearts, our hands and our heads as we travel our life journeys seeking Ultimate Union with the Divine. History reveals that the magnificence of a culture is ultimately conveyed by its art. Think about this for a moment. As time goes by, records of achievements and technologies fade, but the art of each era gains in stature as the primary indicator of a particular culture--how life was lived, what values were held in high esteem, which activities were considered to be of essence, whether daily life was based in scarcity or luxury. Art is an exquisite measure of humankind's evolution, a measure that speaks to our very souls on a primal level. And, from this perspective, even the most mundane things assume artistic significance over time. Anyone who has ever made anything with their hands, or written a piece of poetry, literature or music knows the feeling of "being in the Zone"--those indescribable moments of co-creation which seem timeless and centered. When all is said and done, what else can be compared to such ecstasy? Sharing with others only enhances these illumined experiences. Enjoy your visit to our gallery and do consider submitting works of your own. As you visit, please be aware that certain areas will require a longer than usual time to appear on the screen. Know that your patience will be rewarded by a visual and inspiring feast!

The Visual Arts

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Amish Whimsy Things Fall Apart Kristina At Work Accounts Receivable

Shining Star Eclipse Lady in Yellow Bowl of Fruit

Bowl of Fruit 2 Lovers Madonna Wolf Minerva

Moon Wicked Witch Jack Flanders  

The Written Arts

Dear Abba
by: Bardic
by: Martha Strom
Three Works
by: Jan Faust
A Poem A Day 2003
by: Bardic
A Poem A Day 2004
by: Bardic
A Poem A Day 2005
by: Bardic

Submit Your Art

If you have a work of art that you would like to share here on Celestial Perspectives, we invite you to submit it. Written text should be submitted by e-mail either in the body of the message or as an ASCII text file attachment. Images should be sent by e-mail as either a GIF or JPEG file attachment.

If you have a photograph of your art work but are unable to scan it into your computer in the appropriate file format, e-mail us and we'll see what we can do to accommodate you.

Send all e-mail to Admin@celestialperspectives.com along with the title of your work and a brief description.

By submitting work for publication on this site you attest and certify that you hold the legal copyright to the submission and you agree to assign the reproduction rights to all individuals and entities involved in the development of the Celestial Perspective web site hereafter referred to as "Celestial Perspective".

You also agree that you are solely responsible for any copyright infringements, legal claims, or damages arising from your submission to Celestial Perspective.