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Cynthia K. Beischel

March 10,2003

Dear Cynthia,

  This note is long overdue, but sent with gratitude for your generous offering of your book, From Eulogy to Joy. I have indeed found it very useful in working with persons in grief. It is refreshing to find such honesty and straightforwardness in the writings. I have shared some of the stories with members of my current grief support groups. It is always such a relief when someone suffering a loss finds that they are really not going crazy and that what they are experiencing is actually normal.

Are you attending the ADEC(Association of Death Education and Counseling) Annual meeting coming up in Cincinnati? If so, I hope to meet you at the Author's Book Signing and Reception. I have attended these meeting for many years and always find then stimulating.

Though no excuse for not wring you sooner is valid, I have been on my own grief journey for the past several months, as my husband of 35 years has asked for a divorce. Both our sons and I have been struggling to understand this as we have had no problems in our marriage previous to this current request. There is another relationship for him in the picture. I now have great sensitivity to how much grief and pain a divorce can create.

Are you aware that Barb's father is actively dying? She was there with him last week and her sister, Jane and brother, Bill are with him now. He has led a full life, but it is still hard to say goodbye. I think the plans are to have a memorial service for him at the lake this summer. I hope to be able to attend.

I will keep your website handy and pass it on to persons uTour groups. Again, thanks for sharing this touching resource with me.


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