Fr. Jim McCabe CPPS
Carthagena, OH 45822

Dear Cynthia,

Thank you for sending me a copy of your book, "From Eulogy To Joy." I just began reading it and plan on adding it to my daily reading.


Fr. Jim McCabe CPPS

Dear Cynthia,

Somehow or another when I opened the package that contained your book, the letter fell off unnoticed on my desk. I only noticed it after coming back from a long trip. That's the reason for my rather general letter by regular mail.

I have read quite a few of the articles in the book and so far one thing in particular has caught my attention. Several of the entries are on miscarriages, and while I knew miscarriages were not easy to forget, I was surprised at the depth of the grieving process. I suppose that a man cannot really understand it, though one of the articles described the deep grief of a father.

In your letter you suggested that you would like to see it used as a textbook or resource material. I doubt that it would be adopted as a textbook, but do believe that some of the articles might well be assigned to theological students to help them understand the grieving process. So far I certainly would recommend that excerpts from the miscarriage articles be in any news releases or flyers that might be sent out.

A library might help you get a collection of seminaries of all denominations and a good flyer might make theological librarians realize its potential value in a course on grieving.

That sums up my thoughts at this point. If more surface, as I read further, will send them on to you.

Peace, Fr. Jim McCabe

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